"You ever taste something so good and you're like, WOW?"

My name is Natasha Stewart but I go by Natasha Pacely. I am 33 years young and I'm from Erie, Pa. I went to college at Mercyhurst University and after graduation things kind of went downhill! I was homeless for about half a year, while homeless I cooked for not only my children but other families as well and at those moments I knew exactly what I wanted to do! As I got back on my feet, I started helping and cooking at the Booker T Washington Center and from there my business just boomed! Now I'm known around Erie as the Seafood Queen! My Business name is called "A Taste of Love." My business name came from the passion I have for cooking. You ever taste something so good and you're like wow? Well you'll always get the wow factor when you taste my dishes! Guess what my secret ingredient is? If you guessed Love, you guessed correct because that's the main ingredient that keeps my customer's coming back! I remember being a 7 year old girl in the kitchen with my mom and grandmother. They would be teaching me certain ways to make collard greens. Those have to be some of the best memories. My Grandmother always said that good food will always bring people together as long as it's made with love!


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