We will be showcasing an ice cream sandwich with our partner Mighty Fine donuts in Erie, PA along with Penn State's Berkey Creamery Ice Cream!!! In addition we will be making our signature waffle cones and adding a waffle wedge with every order. Also, the Straw Hat will be selling Romolo's chocolates at our location.

"Excited to bring our brand and Creamery ice cream to downtown Erie. "

Jeffrey Seevers

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My name is Bassam Dabbah, I am from Damascus, Syria, the oldest city in the world and a famous city known and visited for its middle eastern food. I came to Erie in 2009 as refugee. I had a business background doing event decorations and catering and I started Sham middle eastern Market and Shawarma Station food truck. Because of the success of Shawarma Station, we are very excited to have the chance to be a Vendor at the new foodhall in downtown Erie and showcase our popular middle eastern food. Chicken or beef Shawarma, Flafel, Hummus, Baba Ghanosh, and more, our ethnic concept will give the community the chance to try and experience the most popular food in the middle east!

They don't call me Mr. Shawarma yet, but I promise...They will."

Bassam Dabbah

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My name is Natasha Stewart but I go by Natasha Pacely. I am 33 years young and I'm from Erie, Pa. I went to college at Mercyhurst University and after graduation things kind of went downhill! I was homeless for about half a year, while homeless I cooked for not only my children but other families as well and at those moments I knew exactly what I wanted to do! As I got back on my feet, I started helping and cooking at the Booker T Washington Center and from there my business just boomed! Now I'm known around Erie as the Seafood Queen! My Business name is called "A Taste of Love." My business name came from the passion I have for cooking. You ever taste something so good and your like wow? Well you'll always get the wow factor when you taste my dishes! Guess what my secret ingredient is? If you guessed Love, you guessed correct because that's the main ingredient that keeps my customer's coming back! I remember being a 7 year old girl in the kitchen with my mom and grandmother. They would be teaching me certain ways to make collard greens. Those have to be some of the best memories. My Grandmother always said that good food will always bring people together as long as it's made with love!

I am excited about being a food hall vendor because it's giving me a chance to share my passion of cooking with the community and also I get to meet different cooks that share that same passion as me! I also feel that this will be a new learning experience for every one of us! Most importantly I know some challenges are ahead and I love a Challenge!"

Natasha Pacely

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At Lucky Louie's Beer & Wieners we have 32 different weenies and nearly 300 different bottled beers. The addition of Lucky Louie's to downtown Erie is so exciting! There have been hot dog shops downtown before, but nothing like Lucky Louie's.

It's like you are watching little tiny tornadoes, and hot dogs are shooting out of them!"

Katie Schmidt

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My name is Krystal Chanel Robinson. I am 33 years old and native of Pittsburgh PA. Yes I am a steelers fan! Following my Clarion University journey where I obtained my bachelor's degree in Communications, I found myself in Erie PA. Upon arriving in Erie I worked with the Booker T Washington Center as a public relations coordinator before joining the Erie Insurance family as a customer care advocate in 2012, where I am still currently. In addition to working full time over the years I have busied myself with “community.” I looked around the Erie community to see what I could do to make a difference.

My heart beats for community! And it will always be a passion of mine to see to it, that people have the support and resources necessary to succeed! If I can be that support to others, I go to sleep singing “this little light of mine!”

Krystal Chanel Robinson

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